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  • General Business & Custom Searches

  • Business Affiliation Search

  • Document Retrievals

  • Business Credit Reports

General Business Searches








Landlord/ Property Management? Law Firm? Financial Organization?  Manufacturing Company? Large Background Screening Company? Staffing Agency?








If you are a business that needs information, Diligent Data can work with you to create a plan tailored for your needs.  Along with verifying business records though public records, we can also also search civil records, mortgages and deeds, newspapers, obtain docket reports, etc.  We can also review the documents we find for discrepancies for your organization. Contact us for more information.















Customized Searches








Diligent Data Services, LLC can work with you to make a customized search plan for your business. We have access to many specialized public record and proprietary databases with information needed for your business to stay competitive.  Call us today if you have something in mind and we can work out the details.

Business Affiliation Search








Also known as a Directorship search, we use this search to look at a person’s previous business relationships and possible executive positions.  We use official records such as public filings, business credit reports, regulatory filings and proprietary databases.  Costs are dependent on the location as well as the type of search involved.  Call for a quote today.

Document Retrievals








Document retrieval and property searches will vary depending on location and complexity. Some of the many document retrieval searches we do are below:













        • Mortgage Deeds










        • Assignments and Satisfactions










        • Lien Records










        • Structured Settlements










        • Copies of Lawsuits










        • Land Records










        • UCCs










        • and more!














Through partnering with Equifax Small Business, we now offer business credit reports and monitoring services.   On a business credit report, there is usually public record information such as bankruptcy filings, legal suits, lease registrations and judgments.  Combining this report with our other business searches, you can ensure whomever you are doing business with is legitimate and in good standing.   This can also be used to check your own Small Business Credit if you are buying new vehicles, getting a loan from a bank for expansion, or applying for a commercial mortgage. 

























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