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Mergers & Acquisition Services

We can tailor your pre-screening needs depending on your business size, industry, and budget. Any of our services can be chosen à la carte to fulfill of your needs. We work with both buyers and sellers to help M&A Transactions run smoothly.   If you are a business broker and are interested in suggesting background checks for your clients, please download our M&A Flyer.  Quantity discounts apply.



Why conduct background checks in Mergers & Acquisitions?

If your organization is acquiring or merging with another company, there are many due diligence tasks that must be completed before the transaction is finalized. In many organizations, human capital is one of the key reasons for a company’s success but in other organizations human capital can be mismanaged and should be reviewed before moving forward. Background screening during the M&A Due Diligence phase can help prevent HR issues from being overlooked and having problems with personnel once the merger or acquisition is complete. In addition, background checking employees give you insight on where the employee stands now not when they were first onboarded which could have been 20+ years ago for some employees.

Screening & Rescreening of Current Employees

If you are acquiring or merging with another business, the current employees may have had a background check done on them when they were hired. However that may have been more than 10+ years ago for some employees. Some questions to ask is when employees were screened (on initial hire or on a bi-annual basis)? What company completed the screening? Were they FCRA compliant? What were the particular aspects of the background check? You can also verify any newly earned degrees, certifications, or credentials for any employees.
A safe and productive workplace is the upmost importance for any organization. To ensure the safety of your new business and employees, we suggest you complete an all-inclusive background check on any current employees that will be staying after the merger or acquisition is completed. Diligent Data can help you choose the appropriate background check package that ensures the highest quality search while being the most cost-effective.

I-9 & E-Verify

During a merger or acquisition, it is imperative to ensure all I-9 documentation on all employees exists and is compliant with current ICE (Immigration and Customs Enforcement) standards. You are responsible for possible ICE Audit fines if there are errors found because of incorrect paperwork or practices from the old company. An E-Verify and Form I-9 Audit are imperative during a merger or acquisition. Diligent Data can help refer you to a business to help verify all paperwork. 

Public Record Retrieval

Diligent Data can also retrieve current and past organizing documents and corporation records to ensure the Due Diligence phase is moved through quickly and thoroughly.

Some of our retrieval services include:

    • Secretary of State Filings like Certificate of Good Standings, Articles of Incorporation, and Incorporation Filings
    • Assumed Name Searches
    • Patent Verifications
    • UCC Retrievals
    • Copies of current or prior Mortgages/ Deeds/ Assignments/ Satisfactions
    • Copies of Lawsuits, Liens, or Judgments

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We were able to customise the services we wanted through Diligent Data and only order what we needed which saved us time and money and we were able to get our results quickly for our clients locally here in the UK. We can also order things piecemeal which is something the larger companies didn’t allow us to do.

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We are very happy with the services of Diligent Data! They have detailed product knowledge that we are able to draw on and results are provided in a timely manner so that our clients can make hiring decisions without delay. The team are friendly and responsive and we value the ongoing support that Diligent Data provides our business.

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Rebecca and her team at Diligent Data always responds quickly to our emails even with the time zone difference. Our employment verifications have such a high completion rate going through DDS compared to the other larger organizations. We couldn’t be more thrilled.

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Diligent Data has helped my business on multiple occasions by completing our orders quickly and providing guidance and expertise along the way.

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