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How we can help

Nonprofits often rely on volunteers and employees to help further their mission and achieve their goals. Ensuring that these individuals are trustworthy and suitable for their roles is crucial to the success and reputation of the organization.

Diligent Data Services LLC can help nonprofits by thoroughly vetting individuals who will be representing the organization. This can include verifying their employment history, education, licenses, and potential criminal records. By conducting background checks, nonprofits can make informed decisions about who they allow to join their team and interact with their clients, donors, and the community.

In addition to protecting the organization from potential liabilities, background checks can also provide peace of mind for both the nonprofit and the individuals being screened. Volunteers and employees can feel confident that their coworkers are reliable and trustworthy, and the organization can be assured that it is making the best choices for the safety and well-being of all involved.

Overall, partnering with Diligent Data can be a valuable investment for any nonprofit looking to maintain the integrity and reputation of their organization.

Employment Background Checks

Every background check is completely customizable based on the job description. Our most used package consists of an SSN Address Trace, National Prescreen with sex offender searches, federal criminal records, and county criminal searches in applicable jurisdictions (Statewide Criminals if necessary). Checking two to three past addresses would be typical. You can read more about our different pre-employment packages here.

Volunteer Screening

Our volunteer background checks are very similar to our employment background checks. However, we can add in additional searches if necessary. Volunteer screenings can be paid for by the organization or by the volunteer directly. Volunteer screenings are priced at a discount.

Vendor Due Diligence Toolkit

Diligent Data can perform due diligence on outside vendors that will be used by your organization. In 2021, Diligent Data published an eBook with an accompanying webinar on how NFPs can also complete in-house due diligence to save on costs. In 2023, we will be revamping our eBook and webinar to include several other risk management services. Stay tuned for more information.

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