Stay & Exit Interviews

How do they help?

Stay and exit interviews provide information critical to the success of any organization. They provide feedback anonymously and helps keep employees engaged. They can also provide insight into areas of underdevelopment and build opportunities in real-time.

Diligent Data Services LLC is proud to be working with Joelle Monaco of Joelle Monaco Consulting on stay & exit interviews.

After meeting in 2019 through the Capital Region HR Association, Joelle & Rebecca started collaborating on this venture in the fall of 2021.

Both saw a gap in the market to help organizations attract, recruit, and retain the best talent. Our stay and exit interview services were born out of a need that both Joelle and Rebecca thought they could fill best by working together.

The average American salary is 56K. The budget to conservatively replace that employee is 14k or ¼ of their salary. If employers take a proactive approach, they can resolve potential issues before employees leave. Benefits Pro lists morale and engagement as one of the top priorities for 2022.

What is a Stay Interview?

Stay interviews provide individual-level information and allow for identifying trends and themes among all employees. This online interview is designed to understand experiences and elevate company culture.

What is an Exit Interview?

Exit interviews provide individual-level information and allow for identifying trends and themes. This online interview is designed to understand the experience, job meaning, and how company culture can be elevated.

Why use a 3rd party?

Employees are likely to complete requests more honestly if the organization that employs them has no access to the raw data. Therefore, there is no potential risk of retaliation which prompts employees to be truly honest with their responses. JMC and DDS have created a list of the best standardized questions for our interviews. We are the experts and can compile the data and make recommendations for our clients based on industry trends and the current market. We also help save time by not creating more work for the HR department.

Learn the facts

By 2030, the US is expected to lose $430 billion due to low talent retention

– Catalyst

31% of employees quit a job within the first six months.

– Bamboo HR

In 2021, the national average turnover rate was 47.2%

– Bureau of Labor Statistics

Only 28% of employees feel connected to their company’s mission

– Harvard Business Review

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