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USA Background Screening

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Unparalleled Integrity and Commitment

Diligent Data has  over 99% retention rate with our current clients.  No matter the size of your company, each of our clients are given the utmost personal attention and will be treated with respect, dignity, and professionalism in every situation.   We also only work with the best contractors and companies available.  We also maintain strict screening standards in house with our own staff. 

In addition to our personalized service, our TAT is one of the best in the industry with most searches being completed in less than 48 hours.   On occasions that there are delays or searches that are court-performed, we will keep you updated every step of the way.  For other background screening services like, employment verifications and reference checks, we keep a log of calls and emails that we send with our results report to show transparency to you and your clients.    Currently some courts in the US are temporarily closed due to the COVID 19 Quarantine in effect.  We’re keeping all of our clients currently apprised of the situation. More info can be found here

A Human Touch

With Diligent Data, we craft each search individually looking at a variety of factors.  We do our background checks differently every time to ensure the best and most accurate search possible.  Each background check will be done personally by a staff member and then reviewed by a partner to ensure the highest quality background checks available.  The big companies just plug the information into their software and the software spits out where the search is done. With us, we look at regional searches, county searches, and on occasion statewide searches when needed.  

We strongly believe in having no hidden fees for any of our clients. We have no annual contract fees, no start-up costs, and no monthly minimums.  You only pay for the background checks you order from us.  We offer discounts for multiple searches ordered at the same time.  Orders came be submitted through our confidential secure software ordering platform.  Result reports can be delivered the same way or another way if your prefer.  We can work with you to determine your needs for American background checks.  We can also suggest products and services that offer you and your clients the best search and the most cost-effective price. 

Background Screening Expertise

With our expertise in the art  and science that is background screening, we can offer you support as well as our main services.  We keep our clients updated on all legislation changes that affects the screening industry like changes to the Fair Credit Reporting Act (FCRA), Drivers Protection Act, or the California Privacy Act.   As an international client, we can give you the guidelines necessary for you to inform your client about being complaint with the laws in the US.  

An example is that in the United States, traffic infractions (speeding, parking tickets, etc.) are not criminal records. Frequently, we find them in our public record searches. We offer our clients suggestions on how to explain  the difference between what we find and what should be reported to their clients.  

Diligent Data Services LLC is over 20 years old.  We were built from the ground up.  We are a family ran business with ties to our local community.  We frequently work with and donate services to not-for-profits to help them screen volunteers and staff members.  Everything we do is FCRA Compliant.  We are a woman owned business and are currently members of our local Chamber of Commerce, SHRM, Professional Background Screening Association (PBSA), and the PRRN Network.   

Our name says it all, we are “Diligent”, in every possible way.  


Does your business want to expand your product offerings to the US and Canada?  Save time, money, and frustration? Then we want to work with you and help you provide the best screenings possible to your clients.  Please complete our online ordering worksheet or email diligent@diligentdata.com and we will get back to you ASAP.  


We are very happy with the services of Diligent Data! They have a detailed product knowledge that we are able to draw on and results are provided in a timely manner so that our clients can make hiring decisions without delay. The team are friendly and responsive and we value the ongoing support that Diligent Data provides our business.

Client for over 7 years

“Diligent Data has help my business on multiple occasions by completing our orders quickly and providing guidance and expertise along the way.”

New Client

Rebecca and her team at Diligent Data always responds quickly to our emails even with the time zone difference. Our employment verifications have such a high completion rate going through DDS compared to the other larger organizations. We couldn't be more thrilled.

Client for over 10 years

We were able to customise the services we wanted through Diligent Data and only order what we needed which saved us time and money and we were able to get our results quickly for our clients locally here in the UK. We can also order things piecemeal which is something the larger companies didn't allow us to do.

New Client within the last 12 months

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