Public Records Expertise Made Easy

The best researchers for competent results

If you require professional public record filings, legal & public record research, or retrievals, you’ve come to right place. New York is our specialty– let us show you what we can do you for your business. Some of our added benefits include:

  • Accurate, detailed data
  • 24-48 hour turnaround time for most searches
  • OCA-alternative county-based search of the entire state
  • Boots on the ground researchers
  • Reduced risk for non compliance for your company

We can help locate, retrieve, or file any specialized document throughout New York. If you need anything in New York- we can do it, just ask.

We believe real people doing real research can make a world of difference. Public record research is a highly personalized service and the truth is most online databases are incomplete or inaccurate. We use our own subcontractors in each county to ensure you get the data you need for your clients, with access to a network of New York counties from which to compile valuable results.  At each specific court, we know how and where to look for your document.  Please note documents in Family Court in NY are not open for public inspection.

Unparalleled Compliance Expertise

Count on us to provide unparalleled compliance expertise to support your clients’ hiring processes. As state and local laws under the FCRA and EEOC become stricter in order to protect various groups and enforce proportionate screening, added compliance expertise is a must. Our specialists offer guidance in this area.

Positive User Experiences For You And Your Candidate

We aim to simplify the background screening and public record search tasks, resulting in positive user experiences every time. Let us serve your screening and search requirements for results. Get the support you need for your next project.