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Restrictions on Background Searches

Restrictions on Background Searches  (our disclaimer)

All information provided is a matter of public record or from a proprietary database and will be retrieved from specific sources indicated by the client or known by Diligent Data Services LLC to be generally reliable. These are fallible electronic and human sources, however, and there can be absolutely no warranty expressed or implied as to the accuracy, completeness, timeliness, nor the fitness for the purpose of the recipient, of such records or reports. Information provided may indeed be limited or may not be totally current. None of the above declaimers are meant to supersede any governing laws and/or pertinent regulations. Diligent Data Services LLC and its principals cannot be held liable for the report information if at some time in the future the report proves to be erroneous. Client agrees to hold Diligent Data Services LLC and its principals harmless from any erroneous information provided on the report and said client agrees to these terms when making the request. Search results may only be used for client’s internal purposes and may not be published, reproduced, or redistributed. Client assumes full responsibility for adherence to all laws applicable to using search results and agrees to hold Diligent Data Services LLC harmless for any violation of laws committed by Client in connection with the use of any information provided. Diligent Data Services LLC is not a Private Investigation Agency and the principals of Diligent Data Services LLC are not Private Investigators and do not provide services, such as personal interviews and behavioral observations, normally performed by Private Investigators.

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