Common Packages

Our traditional package starts with verifying the past addresses and an initial pre-screen check. We then retrieve criminal records by County, State, Federal District or Metropolitan Area. We report any felony or misdemeanor records on all previous addresses within 7-10 years. Checking two to three past addresses would be typical. This package is used across many industries and is the most common.

Our executive package includes everything in the traditional package and we also include checking Federal Criminal and Bankruptcy records, Civil Records, and Driver’s License records for a very thorough background check. You can also add on reference checks, verification of past employment, and education verifications. 

Ideal for charities, churches, and other non profit organizations, this package includes everything the traditional package does and includes a discount for your organization. We can also screen potential volunteers with this package. Not-for-profits must show necessary documentation for sales tax exemption and future discounts. Call us for more information.

Interested in scheduling out bi-annual or annual background checks?  Diligent Data can work with your HR team to schedule background checks to continuously monitor current employees.  To work within your budget, we can schedule the checks to be done in the anniversary month of an employee starting and can be coordinated with annual reviews.  Continuous background checks are customizable, and a discount will apply if companies choose this option.   

Popular Services

Below is a list of our most common services for background checks. These services can be completed either individually or in conjunction with one another. If you’re unsure which background check options are the best for your organization, contact us today and we can customize a background check package specific to your organization’s needs and budget.

Criminal Record Retrieval in County Courts

Most of our checks are done in county courts where most serious criminal cases are tried.  Records are retrieved in those counties where the candidate has lived or worked.

Criminal Record Checks Covering States or Regions

In some areas, we can retrieve records of criminal cases that cover an entire state or region. We only utilize these sources when they are cost-effective and reliable.

Criminal Record Checks in the Federal District Courts

We recommend including this check in all cases as some drug and white collar crimes are heard in the federal courts and will not be detected in a county or statewide criminal check.

Civil Record Retrieval

These checks look for judgments, civil litigation, and liens against a candidate. They are particularly important for jobs involving finances. Bankruptcy records can also be retrieved when needed.

Education Verification

This is the most frequently fabricated item on resumes and is important to verify for jobs having specific educational qualifications.  Using 3rd party verification services (such as the National Student Clearinghouse) we can retrieve degree, major, graduation year or current enrollment depending on your needs.

Employment Verification

Employers are increasingly reluctant to provide information on current or prior employees, instead preferring to utilize 3rd party verification services such as The Work Number.  Using these 3rd party verification services we can retrieve current and prior periods of employment, dates, and job titles, depending on your needs.

Address Verification

We check specialized database records to see where someone has lived. This information is used to verify the candidate’s address history, even if the candidate has left off a past address on their application.

National Pre-Screen

We offer this national check that includes criminal, sex offender, terrorist and other records of interest. It covers a wide area, but is not all inclusive, so we only use it to tell us where we need to check more comprehensively.

Driver’s License Record Retrieval

Driving records are available to be checked in many states. They should be checked when a candidate might drive while on the job or there is a need to screen for DWI convictions.

International Checks

Criminal and other checks can be done in many countries, but the cost and quality of those checks vary widely. We can provide the guidance necessary to make informed decisions about the value of checking records in other countries. We frequently do checks in Puerto Rico, Canada, and Mexico.

Restrictions on Background Checks (our disclaimer)

All information provided is a matter of public record or from a proprietary database and will be retrieved from specific sources indicated by the client or known by Diligent Data Services LLC to be generally reliable. These are fallible electronic and human sources, however, and there can be absolutely no warranty expressed or implied as to the accuracy, completeness, timeliness, nor the fitness for the purpose of the recipient, of such records or reports. Information provided may indeed be limited or may not be totally current. None of the above declaimers are meant to supersede any governing laws and/or pertinent regulations. Diligent Data Services LLC and its principals cannot be held liable for the report information if at some time in the future the report proves to be erroneous. Client agrees to hold Diligent Data Services LLC and its principals harmless from any erroneous information provided on the report and said client agrees to these terms when making the request. Background Check results may only be used for client’s internal purposes and may not be published, reproduced, or redistributed. Client assumes full responsibility for adherence to all laws applicable to using Background Check results and agrees to hold Diligent Data Services LLC harmless for any violation of laws committed by Client in connection with the use of any information provided. Diligent Data Services LLC is not a Private Investigation Agency and the principals of Diligent Data Services LLC are not Private Investigators and do not provide services, such as personal interviews and behavioral observations, normally performed by Private Investigators.