Comprehensive background screening and public record search services — helping CRAs, agencies, lawfirms, and researchers for New York based candidates. We are able to provide clients with accurate, detailed data in a timely manner at a fraction of the cost using OCA alternatives.

Document Retrievals

Document retrieval and property searches will vary depending on location and complexity. Do you need a copy of a mortgage for a real estate closing? We can quickly retrieve any public record for your firm.
      • Mortgages and Deeds
      • Assignments and Satisfactions
      • Lien and Judgments
      • Structured Settlements
      • Copies of Lawsuits
      • Land Records
      • UCCs
      • and more!

Secretary of State Requests

We are now able to retrieve and file documents on behalf of our clients at the NYS Department of State. Please contact us for a quote and how to place an order.
We offer same day, 24-hour, and 48-hour turnaround times on all of our Secretary of State searches. Some of the more common searches we offer are:
      • Certificate of Good Standings
      • Articles of Incorporation
      • Assumed Name Searches
      • Business Filings & Copies
      • UCC Retrievals & Filings

Criminal Wholesale Court Research

NYS Wholesale County Searches
      • County Level Felony Searches
      • Throughout Upstate New York
      • Court Fees billed at cost
      • OCA Alternative
      • Competitive TAT

County Civil Record Research

NYS Civil County Searches
      • Judgments (open or satisfied)
      • UCCs
      • Litigation Searches
      • Foreclosures
      • DBA Searches
      • And more, contact us!

FOIA Requests

We can diligently complete Freedom of Information Act requests from Federal & State Entities. By letting Diligent Data request these records for you, you can remain completely anonymous. We never sell FOIA data that we request on behalf of our clients.
      • RFP Federal Requests
      • Municipal Searches
      • FDA Requests
      • School District Requests
      • Public University Requests

Additional Business Support Services

Specialty Services